when i was littel i can feel the darkness it so pain fall so my mother and father help me but when i was a baby they put me in a save ples and i was all alone i cry and some one fine me and say oh dare who leave you hera don't worred i will take care of you whene i was 14 years old i was in a thing cell duel monster whene i got my duel dack a keep win no matter what but whene that day came i was kidnap but some one save me it was a boy and his friends but whene he was going to get hurte my crystal save him but i passout the boy pick me up and take me with him whene i wake up the boy look at me and say are you ok i want to tell him im ok but i say nothing he got close to me i was a littel scared so i back away from him he say it ok i not going to hurte you my name is yusei fudo what your name i say my name is maria he say it nice to meet you maria do you have a mother or a father i say no i don't have a mother or a father i was with some one but she die i all alone no one want me i put a sad face yusei come to me and hug me he say then i take care of you for now on you are my friend i was so happy then i join with him and his friends jack,kain,crow but whene things where all good things gone bad whene we where going to take satellite over but crow and kain where so mad so crow leave us then jack leave kain say jack,crow don't leave us like this yusei you are still my friend yusei say nothing kain say say something so i leave kain and yusei but yusei say don't go maria i stop and look at yusei with a sad face and i say may be it time for me to leave you guys good bye yusei good bye kain i run away and i cry whene all us where gone kain was take away bye sector security kain say yusei you give me away like that i dot we where friend yusei say no i did not give you away kain i look at yusei whene a few day have past i have a dream that no one ever have befor i was in the spirit world with duel mouster i can here them so the one who i here say maria can you here me i say yes the one who was talk to me good i can hear you and there something i need you to do for me you need to help us free the duel mouster thay all bin kidnap you have to be the one but you can't do it alone there a human in the human wold who can help us and you we need you maria help us free the good things in are wold so the darkness no longer will take over i say ok i will help you she say thank you maria i wake up and i go outside and see crow he say you finey a wake what worry to me it look like you sleep bad i tell him what happen but some one was hear us then crow say that got to be a dream so crow go inside i stay outside whene the one who here us he say can i talk to you do you have 5minutes my name is sayer i in the arcadia movemeny i want to use you for something i say no way go fine some one to help you sayer say no then i have no chous to take you away bye force he use a card to use me i try to not let him take me away but i lose to him he say let go you no need friends like them i go with sayer and sayer did something to me i forgot all of my friends and i forgot yusei i was a sleep sayer say do you think she the one sara say yes she the one sayer say good then she can help me and aikza sara say she open her eye i open my eye i say where im i look and see sayer he say it ok you are with me and i will take care of you he look at me sara say all right then i take her to her room i go with sara and she show me my room she say this will be your room for now if you need something ake them to help you oh and here you may need this she give me a dack and she leave the two boys say what your name i say my name is maria what are your name the frst one say im liquid the although one say im okita i say it nice to meet you guy sayer come in he say i need you guy to help me you need to go inside the forthcup and aikza will duel in the forthcup aikza come here aikza come in the room sayer say this is aikza she will be in the forthcup duel aikza make them taste of your power she say yes sayer i look at aikza sayer say oh aikza this is maria she will be help us for today aika say it is nice you are help us i say i do what i can to help you and master sayer we all go to the forthcup and whene okita saw aikza lose the duel bye some one i say i hop aika is ok i worred but then we all have to go back home but some one stop me she say hey you're the duelist from the arcadia movement right im carly carmine jornalist i want you to tell me everything you know about the arcadta movement i say nothing to her she say look like you're goona be a pretty tough nut to crack i know if i beat you in a duel you have to promise to ansaw all the qustions i wanna ask you but whene we where going to duel we hear something outside she say huh oh my gosh has the championship match already started and more importantly what was that sond just now i've gotta get to the the stadium pronto she go to the stadium and i go with her we saw a dragon up in the sky she say what what's going on who just summoned that huge dragon this is gonna be huge i gotta get an interview when she was gone i look at that dragon in the sky but it look at me then it was gone whene the duel was over i hear some one name mc say ohh the drama what a shocker no one cold have predicted this we have a new king YUSEI FUDO whene i hear that name i start to remember something i see a boy and his friends i go back home but i passout i wake up and sayer come to my room i master sayer he say shh come with me i need to talk to you i go with master sayer then he say tell are you ok maria i say yes im ok sayer say good i was a littel worred he was so close to me i blushes a littel then sayer put his hand on my cheek and he look at me into my eye i say is ther something you need master sayer he say just this he kiss me i blushes and i back away form master sayer i say why you do that master sayer he say i want to now come with me aikza need you i go with him and i see aikza

maria and sayer

she say thank you for comeing sayer say no need for nice words she say ok we start to duel and i win but i got hurte whene aikza psychic power came out she say i so sorry i want them to stay in but thay just come out i say it ok it just hurte a littel whene a faw days have past i get to use a duel runner liquid say wow that was cool maria i

say thank you we go walk all the way home but we saw some one and he say it that you maria i look at him i was scared and i start to remember him and all his friends liquid say maria do you him you don't look so good sayer come and say will is my old friend yusei you stay out of this i say who is he why can't i remember him yusei say are you ok sayer say you stay out of this yusei sayer take me away but i cry a littel yusei saw me cry and he say what going on here i passout and sayer say even if she not a psychic duelist we need her sara say the brain wosh she going to be free what amazing thing that she can do sayer say no she can't if she remember what happen then are plan will not go so well i start it to remember all my friends and i remember yusei whene sara take me to my room i gone to the spirit wold i say to myself you promise you be ther for me yusei you lie to me i start to cry i

think he won't understand me i go help torunka to save luan she say thank you we have to fine regulus so whene we fond regulus but he think we where going to hurte him but we help him he say thank you luan say we have to go back to the human wold so we did i wake up i get up but the door was locked so my power torunka power open it and i got out i unlock the door of carly room then she leavei run then i hear luan i unlock her door she come out then she say thank you maria we have to get of here yusei is that you yusei saw luan and run to her he say luan are you ok i look at yusei but i back away on stip luan say yes yusei im ok yusei say good yusei look at me he say maria is that you i say nothing but i run away and cry whene luan ,leo,aikza and yusei got out of the arcadia movement whene i was away from yusei and his friends i walk all alone then yusei fond me he yell my

name MARIA i look back and yusei run to me but i run away he grab my hand he say stop run it me maria i say let me go i try to get away from yusei but he won't let me go yusei say no why are you run away from me tell me i look at yusei and i slap his cheek i cry a littel yusei say maria what worry i say i don't need no one to help me yusei say yes you do i your friend i say no your not you lier he say i not lieing to you maria duel me and i will show you i say fine then let duel we start to duel my life points are now on 2000 and yusei life points are 3000 i say i won't lose to you no matter what yusei say maria wake up what going on with you what happen to my friend that i know my heat start to hurte i start to yell at yusei i say YOU ARE NOT MY FRIEND YOU NEVER WHERE YOU WHERE JUST USE ME I NEVER FORGIVE YOU I...I HATE YOU YUSEI he say what are you talk about i not a use you i say yes you are i never forgive you i use my synchor monster bionac,dragon of the ice barrier he have

2300 attack points then yusei use his stardust dragon card he trk to attack my dragon but i use a trap card to stop him so it i stop him and i use my dragon effect to send his stardust dragon back to his hand but

maria saw yusei

he stop me i say no i can't lose to you yusei say it over maria he finish the duel i lose the duel yusei say come with me i back away from him and i run away he yell my name MARIA i keep runing but some one stop me he say come with me i give you the power that you need he give me his hand he give me the power i need then i was at the b.a.d area yusei saw me but he don't know who i was but when he saw the dark signer he look at me when we all walk away he saw my face a little he say hey stop who are you i need to now he run to me but i run away from him but he grab me he look at me he remember who i was he say maria why are you one of them i say if you want to know what happen you have to duel me when he finish the duel with kalin
Yusei friend

yusei and kalin

yusei was sad for kalin but he say yusei don't lose to maria she got power now you have to bring her back yusei say ok i will no metter what i will bring her back when yusei was going to do that he come to me he say maria stop this i know your in ther i say no i won't go back no metter what we start to duel and he was about to lose i told him yusei don't you remember what to told me he say what are you talk about maria i say you don't remember but when yusei start to being his power

yusei vs maria

Bella Cry Tears (2)

maria cry look at yusei

full card he remember what he told me that he will take care of me he say maria i sorry i remember now i say yusei i don't know what to say he told me let stop this duel and go back as friends i start to cry i say ok yusei but the darkness got so mad at me he take over me he say to yusei it time to send you away yusei he say let maria go i was going to hurte yusei but he stop it but when yusei stop it he saw me but in his mind i told him yusei help me you need to win this duel i be ok yusei but you get hurte maria i say it ok i don't care i your best friend yusei so do what you have to do to save me i lose the duel and i go back to my old self i fall done yusei hold me he say maria are you ok i say yes yusei i ok when he win the duel with goodwin all are friends wher happy yusei told me maria i happy that your back i blushes a little but smile at yusei i say i happy to yusei he come to me and hug me i hug him back i think about what going to happen to us and all are friends i want to tell yusei how i feel about him but that can wait i will remember what yusei say to me no metter what going to happen we will do are best.
DarkSigner-losin control

the darkness take over maria

BellaleinxDStupido o

maria talk to yusei

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