• Maria5d

    when i was littel i can feel the darkness it so pain fall so my mother and father help me but when i was a baby they put me in a save ples and i was all alone i cry and some one fine me and say oh dare who leave you hera don't worred i will take care of you whene i was 14 years old i was in a thing cell duel monster whene i got my duel dack a keep win no matter what but whene that day came i was kidnap but some one save me it was a boy and his friends but whene he was going to get hurte my crystal save him but i passout the boy pick me up and take me with him whene i wake up the boy look at me and say are you ok i want to tell him im ok but i say nothing he got close to me i was a littel scared so i back away from him he say it ok i not go…

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