Speed Spell - Raise of an Angel

Sp - 天使のレイズ

Speed Spell - RaiseofanAngel English Speed Spell - Raise of an Angel

Japanese (Kanji)

  • Translated
  • AsianEnglish

Sp- 天使のレイズ

  • Sp - Raise of an Tenshi
  • Sp - Raise of an Tenshi


Spell Speed ​​- Aumenta di un angelo


Скорость Заклинание - Подъем Ангел


Spell Speed ​​- Augmenter d'un ange

SPEED SPELL 34px-Spell.svg

79px-Speed Spell.svg

Property Continuous Continuous
Number 05707965
  • English: [CAL01-EN002]
  • Japanese: [CAL01-JP002]
Edition Speed
Card Description/Effect:


Activate only while you have 6 or more Speed Counters.

This card only actives when any one of your Light-Attribute monsters is destroyed in battle. This card would bring back 1 Light-Attribute monster back in ATK position and increases ATK by 700 points.

Card Search Categories
Monster/Spell/Trap Categories Destroys your Monster Cards/Destroys itself
Archtype Categories Light Attribute
Summoning Categories Special Summons from your Graveyard
Counter Categories Speed Counter

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