Speed Spell - Light Heart

Sp - ライトハート

Speed Spell - Light Heart English Speed Spell - Light Heart

Japanese (Kanji)

  • Translated
  • AsianEnglish

Sp- ライトハート

  • Sp - Hikari Heart
  • Sp - Light of Hearts


Spell Speed ​​- Cuore Luce


Скорость Заклинание - Свет сердца


Spell Speed ​​- cœur léger

SPEED SPELL 34px-Spell.svg

79px-Speed Spell.svg

Property Quick-Play Quick-Play
Number 55363234
  • English: [LIG88-EN786]
  • Japanese: [LIG88-JP786]
Edition Speed
Card Description/Effect:


Activate only while you have 3 or more Speed Counters.

You can active this card when one of your monsters in Defense position is destroyed. Turns all your monsters from other attribute into Light attributes and increases ATK by 1300 points. Destroys the Spell card “Dark Heart”.

Card Search Categories
Monster/Spell/Trap Categories Destroys Spell Cards
Archtype Categories Light Attributes
Action Categories Change Attributes/Destroy Dark Heart/Monster gain ATK
Counter Categories Speed Counter

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