Speed Spell - Angel's Charm

Sp - 天使のチャーム

Speed Spell - AngelsCharm English Speed Spell - Angel's Charm

Japanese (Kanji)

  • Translated
  • AsianEnglish

Sp- 天使のチャーム

  • Sp - Tenshi’s Charm
  • Charm of the Angel


Fascino Spell Speed ​​Angel


Скорость заклинаний Ангела Шарм


Spell Speed ​​Angel Charme

SPEED SPELL 34px-Spell.svg

79px-Speed Spell.svg

Property Equip Equip
Number 44254997
  • English: [CAL01-EN001]
  • Japanese: [CAL01-JP001]
Edition Speed
Card Description/Effect:


Activate only while you have 5 or less Speed Counters.

Remove from play 1 Fairy-Type monster from your Graveyard and equip this card to a monster your opponent controls. Gain control of the equipped monster. During your end phase, give control of the equipped monster to your opponent. During your Standby Phase, gain control of the equipped monster.

Card Search Categories

Support Categories

Action Categories Changes control
Archetype Relation Categories Fairy
Removed from Play Categories Removes from Graveyard from play/Removes from Graveyard from play for cost/Removes from your Graveyard from play
Counter Categories Speed Counter

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