Speed Spell - Aphrodite Light Ritual

Sp - 女神のライトリチュアル

Speed Spell - Aphrodite Light Ritual English Speed Spell - Aphrodite Light Ritual

Japanese (Kanji)

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  • AsianEnglish

Sp- 女神のライトリチュアル

  • Sp - Aphrodite Light Ritual
  • Sp - Star of Love Ritual


Spell Speed ​​- Rituale Luce Afrodite


Скорость Заклинание - Афродита Свет Ритуал


Spell Speed ​​- Rituel Lumière d'Aphrodite

SPEED SPELL 34px-Spell.svg

79px-Speed Spell.svg

Property Ritual Ritual
Number 55856588
  • English: [ANG79-EN112]
  • Japanese: [ANG79-JP112]
Edition 1st, Speed
Card Description/Effect:


Activate only while you have 4 or more Speed Counters.

By offering 2 Level 6 or lower female monsters on your side of the Field. Special Summon “Aphrodite the Goddess of Love”.

Card Search Categories
Support Categories Aphrodite the Goddess of Love
Summoning Categories Special Summons from your hand/Special Summons from your Deck
Misc Categories Female
Action Categories Tributes for cost/Sends from field to Graveyard/Sends from field to Graveyard for cost/Sends from your field to your Graveyard
Counter Categories Speed Counter

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