Robin is a character appearing in Yugioh Arc V anime he is the Synchro demnsional counterpart to Reiji Akaba (Standard Demnsion),Yunna (Fusion Demnsion) and Kai (XYZ Demnsion) .Acrodding To Reo Akaba Robin is curcial to his plan. Robin posses an ability which causes him to be distance to humanity. He has posses some ability to bring Duel -Monster into a real life similar to Akiza Izinsiki

Appereance Edit

Robin is a young man he has the same face as his counterparts he has purple hair and green eyes .His usual attrie consist of a white T-Shirt with grey sleveless Jacket and white pants and black and white sneakers . Like his counterpart he also wears a glass which is blue in color. Early in his debut he used to conceal his identity with a red cloak and a white mask.

Personality Edit

Intially Robin had a very cold and a distance nature to his personality as result of spending years been treated as a monster and he eventually stop caring about other peoples feeling and viewed everyone around him as a enemy. It wasnt until yuri and reo showed him compassion where Robin began to have hopes in his life again.Despite this new feeling of Self-Worth from reo and Yuri Robins rage at world continue to grow. After meeting Yuya and Yugo Robin questioned the path in which he took distancing himself from normal soceity and this caused him to have confilct emtoin between both Yuya,Yuri and Reo. After Yuri died many people who had caused pain to him feel extremly sorry and bad for what they have done to him including his parents and they all apologize to Robin and want him to have a normal life and society and says that they all loved him. After becoming friends with Yuya and Yugo Robins personality became much more caring,friendly and kind-hearted and is eager to help the ones who are around him and he also values the true value of friendship and he also cares very much for children as it is seen when he stood up for Frank he said that he will never try to approve for others who are trying to harm children

Abilites Edit

Robins ability is very similar to akiza and he has been born with some phsyco powers as he grows he find it very difficult to control them . He has the ability to materilize the effect of Duel-Monster card and other monster and can bring them to real-life . His abilites have caused the others to be fear from the rest of the humanity and after becoming friends with Yuya and Yugo he has gain a degree to control it . After Reo was defeated his psycho abilites vanish at first robin finds it uneasy but ultimetly decides that he no longer needs those phsyco poweres.Sometime later he has gain the ability to heal others from their duel this was seen after ruri was injured he then manage to heal her successfully.

Biography Edit

Childhood Life Edit

Robin was raised in tops area where he lived with his mother and younger brother his father wasnt able to spend much time as he was busy as a minister . When robin was about 8 he asked his father to bring present for him and his father promised he would and robin waited his father to come home to eat his cake but ultimetly felt asleep as his father arrived at home he then put robin to the bed and his present next to his bedside.The next day Robin was excited to see his present and asked his father to duel him his father couldnt as he is busy for work this made robin angry in the dub he also told his father to never come again . The following Month Robins father had time to duel much to robins relief when robin synchro summoned white night it causes half of the wall to be damaged and his father accidently called him a monster . As time passed he could not contol his ability and began to be fear for other children around his age

Teenage life Edit

When Robin turned 13 his parents send him to Duel Academy where they hope that someone over there would teach him how to control his powers. One day robin harmed a girl and his abilites continue to grow and this causes robin to not to have any friends.

Finding Duel Academy isolated Robin decided to return to home only to find that his family are enjoying happily without him he then destroyed his family home and ran away believing that they dont need his love anymore

Sometime after the invansion of XYZ demnsion Yuri was sent on a misson to capture him by reo . Robin intially refused to go and challenge yuri to a duel and yuri claimed that he found his pyshco power interseting and consider him as a friend at first robin didnt belive it but later agreed with Yuri and claims that he is the first person to consider him as a friend.

As he arrived in Academia with Yuri he then gain an entrance in Academia as a student and Reo then promised him that he will treat Robin with love and care

Different Demnsion Edit

Frank and Andrew decided to challenge Black Witch to duel. During this encounter Robin sees Reiji and questioned why he looks exactly like him and expressed suprise that they both have the same face he then told Reiji to leave him alone and used his mighty abilites to disappear for Fusion Demnsion as he arrived in academia he told him about Reiji to Reo and express suprise the fact that he is reos son and reo then ordred him to got to his demnsion in order to participate in friendship cup and to spy on reiji to see if he is important like him if he is then he will ask yuri to capture Reiji and bring him to academia

He was then invited by jack to partcipate in Friendship Cup

Personal Information Edit

Name Robin


Andrew (Younger Brother)

Mary (Mother )

Thomas (Father)

Reiji Akaba (Standard Demnsion Counterpart )

Kai (XYZ Demnsion Counterpart)

Yunna ( Fusion Demnsion Counterpart)

School- Duely Academy

Previous organization - Academia

Voice actors

Japanese: Nobuhiko Okamoto

English : Dan Green

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