{{Yu-Gi-Oh Wiki:Character Template (Yu-Gi-Oh)
 |name= Maggy Anderson
 |image= [[Image:CharacterName.png|300px]]
 |kanji=冊丹呂呂と 丹几句ヨ尺己回几
 |rōmaji=Maggy アンダーソン
 |alias= Princess of the Spellcaster, Princess of Duel Academy
 |race= American
 |gender= Female
 |age= 16
 |height= 5' 10"
 |weight= 144 lbs
 |birthday= 6/19
 |eyes= Blue
 |hair= Blond
 |blood type= AB+
 |dorm room= Obelisk then Slyfer
 |love interest= Jaden Yuki
 |spirit partner= Dark Magician Girl
 |relatives= Magi Carder (mother) Yugi Moto (Father) Jesse Anderson (Brother)
 |counterpart= Maria 
 |anime debut= Episode 1

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