Heaven's Gift Ritual


Heaven's Gift English Aphrodite Light Ritual

Japanese (Kanji)

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  • AsianEnglish


  • Gift of Orihime Ritual
  • Orihime’s Gift Ritual


Dono del cielo Ritual


Подарочные Небес Ритуал


Rituel cadeau du ciel
German Himmels-Geschenk Ritual
Type SPELL 34px-Spell.svg
Property Ritual Ritual
Number 44626867
  • English: [HEV54-EN35]
  • Japanese: [HEV54-JP335]
Edition Secert
Card Description/Effect:


This card can be used when “Light Magician Girl” is on your side of the Field and Special Summon “The Light Magician” or “Sorceress of Light Magic” by offering “Light Magician Girl” and discard 1 Light type monsters from play. Direct Damage to your opponent by 200 points whenever Light Magician or Sorceress of Light Magic is summon.

Card Search Categorie(s)

Support Categories

Light Magician Girl/Light Magician/Sorceress of Light Magic
Summoning Categories

Special Summons from your hand/Special Summons from your Deck

Misc Categories Female
Action Categories Tributes for cost/Sends from field to Graveyard/Sends from field to Graveyard for cost/Sends from your field to your Graveyard

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