Dragon Magician


Dragon Magician English Dragon Magician

Japanese (Kanji)

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  • Dragon Magician
  • Magician of Dragons


drago Mago


Дракон Маг


dragon Magicien
Attribute FIRE 34px-Fire.svg
Type Spellcaster/Fusion/Effect

7 StarStarStarStarStarStarStar

ATK/DEF 2800/1000
Number 24566459
TCG Number
  • English: [LOB-EN655-44]
  • Japanese: [LOB-JP655-44]
Edition 1st
Card Description/Effect:


"Light Magician Girl" + "Curse of Dragon"

While your opponent controls only 1 Dragon or Spellcaster-type monster, this card cannot be destroyed as result in battle. While your opponent controls 2 monsters, increases ATK of this card by 500 points. While your opponent controls 3 monsters, this card destroys any traps and magic and negates the effects of your opponents Effect Monster Cards.

Card Effects Types
Summon, Continuous

English: Dragon Flame

Japanese: Dragon Fire

Card Effect Types
Summon, Continuous
Card Search Categorie(s)

Monster/Spell/Trap Categories

Negates the effects of Effect Monsters/Negates the effects of Spell Cards/Negates the effects of Trap Cards

Summoning Categories

2 Fusion Materials/Strict Fusion Summon

Stat Change Categories

This card gains ATK

Misc Categories

Variable effects/Female
Archetype Categories Spellcaster/Dragon
Attack Categories Cannot be destroyed by battle

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